At Quikcycles we love HP, and so do our customers.  We are constantly pushing to find more power for customers to stay at the front of the pack whether it be 500+HP Turbocharged Drag bikes or Supersport legal Road racing motors.  We strive to provide powerful, reliable motors to our customers whether they race or just commute back and forth to work.

We only use high quality, proven parts in the motors we build. Top manufacturers such as JE, Carillo, Wiseco, Cometic, Wossner, Worldwide Bearings, APE, Falicon, MTC,  and many many more.

Quikcycles has teamed up with leading Machining companies as well to provide the highest quality of Cylinder Boring/Plating, Cylinder Head Porting, Transmission Repair/Upgrades available today.

Our attention to detail sets us apart from our competition and provides consistency you can count on.  After all what good are quality parts if they arent assembled correctly?

Combine our Engine building with our in house Dyno Tuning and you have a one stop shop that can handle your project from start to finish.  All of our motor builds are offered with break in service and tuning so you know from day one that its running at its peak potential.

Our labor rates and times are fair and wont break the bank either.  We won't recommend any part or service you dont need.

Stop by today or call us at (720)690-9999 and talk to us about your goals.  We can help provide you a direction to go to reach them and more!!!